Timeless, minimalist design. Multiroom speaker with innovative amplification for more precise definition and deep bass in a compact format. Made in Europe.



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Patent Active Pression Reflex® 2.0 exclusive

Total Power 240W

Connect all your sources

4 x Exclusive speakers

Precision and connection

A new combined AB-D amplifier, combining Class D technology for low frequencies with Class AB technology for high frequencies. Designed and developed exclusively for the PR LINK by Micromega®, this innovative approach ensures unparalleled definition and even deeper bass.

Whether you want to create a Multiroom audio system with AirPlay 2® or Chromecast® via the built-in Escape module by connecting your mobile devices, listen via Bluetooth®, enjoy your television via ARC-HDMI or listen to your favourite vinyl records, PR LINK meets all your musical needs without compromising on design or sound quality.


1964 – 2024: Back to Basics

Its solid wood front is a tribute to the first SIARE speakers, pioneers of the slatted front 60 years ago, created by Marie Yemarian Cagniard, the grandmother of Timothée Cagniard, the head of La Boite concept.

The PR LINK loudspeaker has a minimalist design that is both sober and functional. Its sleek design and simple lines give it a discreet, elegant aesthetic.

The speaker is made from high-quality materials such as solid walnut, aluminium and bakelite, giving it an elegance worthy of timeless contemporary furniture, and ensuring unfailing durability and robustness.

PR LINK is also designed to be easy to use. The discreet, intuitive controls are elegantly integrated. Turn up the volume and select your source using a single intelligent control knob made of solid aluminium, an integral part of the object, in complete simplicity.A discreet, ergonomic magnetic cover hides unsightly cables and makes the product upgradeable.

A true all-in-one masterpiece that will impress the most demanding music lovers while blending harmoniously into your home.

This Made In Europe loudspeaker is assembled in our workshops. La Boite concept has chosen to work with carefully selected suppliers who are well known for their expertise and commitment to strict quality standards.



La Boite concept’s research and development laboratory has devoted 7 years to achieving exceptional performance by revisiting a patent registered in 1976 by the Cagniard family at Siare, adapting it to the digital revolution.

This patent, called Active Pressure Reflex®, gives its name to the PR/01 product and explains the exceptional power and bass of this speaker in a compact format.

It has been implemented in a hermetically sealed ring equipped with two digitally controlled drivers, including a front-mounted midrange woofer and an internal woofer. This pressure chamber system was carefully calibrated with two bespoke digital amplifiers. These amplifiers offer exceptional power and flexibility, particularly in the low frequencies, all in an extremely compact format.

After a further three years of research, the patent has been redesigned for the PR LINK. For even greater power handling, a completely new design has resulted in a die-cast aluminium ring, with integrated heat sinks to dissipate the heat produced by the piston-like movements of the driver diaphragms. Two 4.5-inch drivers, specially designed for this technology, are carefully sealed at the front and rear of the ring. This simultaneous piston movement of the midrange and woofer, combined with a Bass Reflex port at the rear, greatly enhances the reproduction of deep bass, creating an exceptional sound experience for such a compact format.




Length 36cm x Width 25cm x Height 16cm


6 kg

  • Noyer


Hifi power on 8ohms

110 W

Total power

240 W

Sound level in dB at 1m

96 dB

Maximal surface area covered

180 m2
RMS amplifier power: 140W, the four channels total 140W:
- 2 stages of Class D amplification for midrange and woofer with hifi power at - 1% THD of 110 real watts: 2 x 55W
- 2 stages of Class AB stereo amplification for tweeter with a hifi power at - 1% THD of 30 real watts: 2 x 15W.
Total power: 240W


4 exclusive CCLAB La Boite concept speakers in Active Pressure Reflex® technology with aluminium dissipative
- 1 x 4.5’’ Medium paper cone with very long excursion - neodymium magnetic load
- 1 x 4,5’’ Woofer paper cone with very long excursion - neodymium magnetic load
- 2 x 1.9’’ dome tweeter
Custom laminar bass reflex.


Bluetooth® Apt-X, RCA, 3.5mm mini-jack, Toslink Optical (24bits), Voice Control System compatible, Multiroom System compatible, Induction Charger compatible, usb-c charging port, usb charging port, ARC input for box or TV.
Wi-Fi multi-room wireless streamer compatible with Airplay 2®, Chromecast Audio®, Roon Ready® and Spotify Connect®.


  • Bluetooth® Apt-X
  • RCA
  • mini-jack 3.5mm
  • Optic toslink (24bits)
  • Compatible with voice control systems
  • Multi-room systems compatible
  • Usb-c charging port
  • Usb charging port
  • 220V charging point
  • ARC


ACOUSTIC LA BOITE CONCEPT X ELECTRONIC AB-D MICROMEGA® The PR LINK marks a promising start to our partnership with the French electronics manufacturer Micromega®, our group's subsidiary company. La Boite concept and Micromega® engineers have designed and developed a bespoke class AB amplifier specially calibrated for the PR LINK loudspeakers. This innovative approach to amplification combines the best of the digital and analogue AB worlds. Class D technology for low frequencies combined with Class AB technology for high frequencies, ensuring unparalleled clarity and sonic fidelity and deep bass that immerses the listener in the heart of the music. This AB category of amplification for clarity and smooth high frequencies is the most frequently adopted in hi-fi amplifiers designed for the most demanding audiophiles. HiFi quality and powerful, the PR LINK fully exploits the advantages of each of these amplification technologies to maintain its excellence.

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