You are a concept-store, a Hi-Fi specialist or a design and/or contemporary furniture store, you too can take part in the adventure of a French manufacturer and accompany us in the influence of a traditional and visionary know-how.


1938: Marie Cagniard Yeramian, a visionary, founded the Siare loudspeaker brand, which would later become the reference in its field.

1970: Her son Thierry joined Siare. He will be at the origin of the creation of high fidelity loudspeakers which will mark their time by their modernity and their quality which will make the success of this leading brand.

2008: 70 years later, Marie and Thierry, on the initiative of Guillaume and Timothée, Thierry’s sons, join forces to create La Boite Concept.

2010: The LD ” Laptop Dock “, developed by Timothée with the help of his father Thierry, is an immediate success. The LD is indeed the first high fidelity station for laptop, both speaker and desk.

2010-22: 6 Innovations (LD, Cube, LP, AP, PR/01, LX) and more than ten international awards


Since its creation in 2008, La Boite concept’s integrated R&D laboratory (CC LAB) has been developing multiple internationally patented audio technologies.


We are always on the lookout for new venues to present our acoustic creations.
The Conran Shop, Jane De Boy, Retrofutur, MoMA New York, La Rinascente … and all our partners have in common that they have fallen in love with our products and their uniqueness.

« Less is more.»

We don’t try to be present everywhere but we prefer resellers who share our passion and our vision for design, ergonomic products and adapted to new technologies

Our team will be happy to accompany you and train you in our know-how:

  • Internal customer service based in the French Basque Country to support you if needed
  • Technical training on our products provided by our experts
  • Support from our sales team for the installation and use of our products
  • Tutorials to help you set up and use our speakers
  • Product sheets summarizing the key elements for a sale
  • Material (POS, brochures, window displays, press reviews…) to optimize the promotion of our creations and their sales
  • Online downloadable marketing toolbox to “beef up” your communications with your customers
  • If you wish to become part of our network of reseller partners, you can contact us here

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