Since its creation in 2008 La Boite concept has been combining a family know-how of traditional Hi-Fi transmitted from generation to generation in the Cagniard family, to create “all-in-one” ergonomic products tailored to new sound technologies and the digital era of musical supports.


Acoustic tradition and technological innovation

La Boite concept combines its family history in the traditional high fidelity industry with the design of ergonomic “all-in-one” products optimised for new technologies. Transmitted from generation to generation for 80 years, this know-how is carried with passion by Timothée Cagniard and his team in the tradition and the rigor that imposes on him the respect of this technical inheritance.


80 years of know-how dedicated to acoustic

In 1938, Marie Cagniard Yeramian, a free modern and visionary woman, founded the SIARE ® loudspeaker brand. At a time when entrepreneurship and electro-acoustics

were not very open to women, she imposes herself by placing innovation at the heart of its industrial approach. Moving from component operator for radio to craftsman into loudspeaker manufacturing and then audio industry, she becomes a symbol of success that will put Siare on the forefront of the media.

The company will become the largest French manufacturer of loudspeakers and speakers in the 70s-80s. At the management: Marie, his son Thierry Cagniard and Michel Visan founder of the brand Davis acoustics will be at the origin of the creation of speakers that will mark their era by their modernity and quality, and will make the success of this brand.


CC LAB: our in-house research & development laboratory

Since its creation in 2008, La Boite concept’s in-house R & D laboratory (CC LAB) has been developing multiple internationally patented audio technologies. The model “La Première” created and developed by Guillaume and Timothée Cagniard, is an all-in-one audio system with the silhouette of an arcade game terminal that embodies the vision of La Boite concept: tailor-made high-end speakers, both all-in-one and stereophonic and adapted to contemporary uses.

In 2010, CC LAB develops the LD (the first Hifi station for the computer) integrating its Wide Sound® technology, allowing an expanded stereophony thanks to the sound reflection and the diffusion of a totally immersive sound through a compact and monobloc unit. This will be followed by the Wide sound 2.0 patent integrated into the Cube and Wide sound W model.

In 2017, after 7 years of research, our laboratory unveils the Active Pressure Reflex® (PR) technology, which offers an exceptional quality of sound reproduction thanks to the implementation of an airtight chamber of 2 loudspeakers (including 1 internal woofer) controlled numerically. This airtight chamber system is calibrated on multiple digital amplifiers. These custom-built amplifiers offer exceptional power and modularity, especially in the extreme bass, in a very compact volume.

In 2019, CC LAB launches the Wide Sound 3.0 integrated to the LX, which offers a large and precise restitution thanks to 2 convex deflectors for an optimal listening without loss of directivity with the treble whatever the position of the listener or the volume of the room.


CC LAB : unique drivers and loudspeakers

The heritage of La Boite concept has been transmitted for three generations.  Its conviction is that a product of quality is a product without concession, for which each component must be thought and developed specifically, from A to Z. That’s why to be faithful to our convictions and to come closer and closer to our objective, which is the return of the most natural and pure sound, we have our own research and development laboratory in the heart of the Basque Country.

CC LAB insures constant innovation by creating competitive new products for its brand La Boite concept as well as for other companies wishing to entrust its R & D and the manufacturing of loudspeakers.