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"Retro design meets elevated sound quality" - COOL HUNTING


"Speaker mixes the Past & Present" - HYPEBEAST


"When art and hifi match each other. Let's salute the originality of the approach." - WHATHIFI

What Hi-Fi

Won the Elu Diapason d'Or, the supreme distinction awarded by the famous classical music magazine Diapason.

Magazine Diapason

"Rarely has a speaker been so pleasant to look at." -

"An object blending visual art and state-of-the-art technology" - Men's Up

Men's Up

"Between art and technique: the sound performance is of great quality... we rediscover the wonderful TWZ tweeters developed by the Cagniard family". - WHATHIFI


"Ever more demanding when it comes to high-fidelity." - GQ


"The beauty of sound. An astounding tool capable of sublimating the sound of both analogue and digital devices." - Ideat


"This loudspeaker combines the tradition of craftmanship with the new technologies and innovations of an electroacoustic research laboratory" - Télérama


"Elegant and timeless at the same time. A true masterpiece" - Grazia Hommes

Grazia Hommes

"As usual with La Boite concept, the object does not lack charm" - Diapason


"A resolutely audiophile and design ensemble for dynamic, smooth and deep listening. To see and to hear!" - WHATHIFI


"Quite simply close to perfection" - Editor's Choice Award iCreate.

Magazine iCreate

"A very high-end loudspeaker at the cutting edge of technology. Is PR/01 the perfect loudspeaker?" - GQ France


"Hifi in a wooden box. The sound is full, detailed and perfectly balanced" - Le Figaro

Le Figaro

"For a rather small device, you could say it sounds big." - Son & Image

Son & Image

"A true product of modern craftsmanship, well designed, beautiful and of high performance." - WHATHIFI

What Hi-Fi