La Boite concept guarantees that its products comply with the specifications contained in the order documents of its customers.

La Boite concept products are all covered by a 2-year parts and labor guarantee from the date of acquisition by the end customer. This guarantee covers all defects in the manufacture of the equipment, excluding failures to comply with the instructions, resulting in an incorrect assembly, misuses or handling.

La Boite concept offers a one-year additional guarantee if the purchaser of a product registers online. For that, the final customer, with the invoice of the purchase, must visit the website following:
Registration must take place within 3 months of purchase, as evidenced by the purchase invoice. Any registration after these 3 months will not be taken into account.

Please note that this extended warranty does not apply to turntables and “REFURBISHED” products.

The customer must provide the following information: first and last name, email address, phone, date of purchase, model and name of the dealer.

Once the registration becomes effective, the customer will receive by email its 2 years + 1 year offered guarantee. The customer must keep this email incase it is  requested by the customer service of La Boite concept. In order to benefit from a repair under the said warranty, the purchase invoice must accompany the equipment to be repaired.

In the event of replacement of equipment under the guarantee, the replaced materials do not benefit from a new contractual guarantee but is subject to the remaining guarantee period.

Elements supported by the guarantee: electronic equipment and loudspeakers (except external deterioration of membranes).

In case of DOA (Dead On Arrival), a new product will be sent to the customer within 14 days maximum, transport expenses will be paid by La Boite concept. After this deadline, the product will be returned to after-sales service and paid by our customer service. Shipping costs are therefore paid by the customer.

Once the support of your product is confirmed by La Boite concept, you must return your product in its original packaging. The shipping costs will be paid by the customer.

The packaging must be kept during the guarantee period so that in the case of a defective product, it can be returned in its original packaging. If not the customer must provide suitable packing and protection in order to return the product. Otherwise La Boite concept will not be liable for any breakage or damage occurred during this shipment. If necessary, La Boite concept will ship packaging and appropriate protection for the product in question. In this case La Boite concept will charge the packaging to the customer, between 10 € and 40 € (taxes included) depending on the model concerned in addition to the shipping cost.