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La Boite concept unveils the SQUARE turntable, a turntable with a minimalist design and high fidelity demands. Radically uncluttered, SQUARE is presented in a square case with a slightly off-centre turntable. 

SQUARE is designed to offer the best reproduction and to meet all the needs of vinyl lovers: 

  • 2 pre-amplified and non-preamplified modes. 
  • Rigid materials (plywood) ensuring flawless stability.
  • A leather/cork sandwich felt. 
  • Aluminium arm mounted with an Ortofon OM10 elliptical diamond cell for high precision playback.
  • Belt-driven platter. 
  • GOOD VIBES ONLY anti-vibration technology. 
  • Plug & play” installation: no adjustments to make, no counterweights to set.



The Square turntable is made in Europe. Its veneered plywood top ensures rigidity and prevents vibrations. The wood is machined, painted and varnished in the Spanish Basque Country.

A leather/cork felt is added to the SQUARE turntable. The leather comes from the famous Carriat tannery in the Basque Country.

A removable acrylic cover made in France protects the turntable. The components of the SQUARE turntable are manufactured in Europe and assembled in our workshop in Ustaritz in the Basque Country.


The SQUARE turntable is a belt-driven model equipped with an aluminium tone arm on which is mounted the ORTOFON OM10 cartridge. This high-end cartridge features a diamond with an elliptical profile, capable of penetrating deeper into the groove, resulting in increased dynamics and audiophile sound. Its quality components offer an aesthetic and high-fidelity solution for discovering or rediscovering the world of vinyl records and listening to 33 and 45 rpm records.

The SQUARE turntable natively integrates the GOOD VIBES ONLY technology developed by La Boite concept in order to avoid parasitic vibrations that could harm the vinyl playback. 



The SQUARE turntable has two modes: pre-amplified and non-preamplified. A connector on the back of the turntable allows easy switching between these two outputs. The integrated PHONO MM preamplifier allows the vinyl output to be amplified by 34dB.  


Tone arm

The 20 cm long aluminium tone arm incorporates a cell holder. The one-piece, tapered design eliminates reflection and standing waves. The arm is fitted with low-friction bearings to ensure high reading accuracy. The arm’s counterweight is specifically pre-set for the ORTOFON OM10 cartridge of the SQUARE turntable, eliminating the need for additional configuration or adjustment. 

This high-end cartridge features an elliptical diamond profile to ensure perfect tracking of the LPs. It offers a frequency response between 20 Hz and 25 kHz. 



The vinyl platter is mounted on a sub-platter in a 0.001mm main bearing with a hardened steel shaft and brass ring to prevent vibration or bearing play. The sub-platter is rotated by a low vibration belt system. The SQUARE turntable is driven by a synchronous motor directly powered by the mains to ensure maximum stability and silence. 



Two speeds are available: 33 and 45 rpm.  A button on the SQUARE platter allows you to switch between the two speeds manually. 


Good Vibes Only

The SQUARE turntable natively integrates the GOOD VIBES ONLY technology developed by La Boite concept in order to avoid parasitic vibrations that could harm the vinyl playback. 

Thanks to its 4 custom-made shock absorbers, the Good Vibes Only system integrated into the SQUARE turntable absorbs vibrations and only translates those of the vinyl groove.

2 finishes

Black matt MDF frame and natural walnut matt multi-ply veneer top.

White matt MDF frame and natural oak matt veneered multi-ply top.

Dimensions : 35 x 35 x 12cm


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