Almost Perfect

Sustainable & responsible

True to our values of high standards and sustainability, we offer you a selection of audio products that have been carefully refurbished by our team.
A responsible approach that allows us to contribute to the lengthening of our products’ life:

– By offering a second life to products often put aside by our uncompromising initial selection process for aesthetic details sometimes invisible (we require perfection!)

– By offering you high quality products at attractive prices

In this way, we (and you) contribute to producing and consuming in a more responsible and measured way.

Our commitment to quality

These refurbished products are covered by a two-year warranty and respect La Boite concept standards and quality.
Each one of them follows a rigorous reconditioning procedure that includes full functional testing.

How to choose?

To help you understand the reasons for reconditioning, we have classified the selected products into 2 categories:
Class A+ = Visual appearance close to that of a new product, no traces of wear, may have very slight, barely perceptible marks.
Class A = noticeable traces of wear and tear (e.g. slight scratches on the speaker and/or the feet, more marked traces on the leather or any other finishing surface)

Your guarantees:

You will receive a unit with original parts that have been thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Each device will be delivered with all the accessories provided for the new model. All refurbished products are packed in new packaging. These refurbished products are covered by a two-year warranty from the date of the purchase invoice.