Lelièvre Paris

Collaboration for the LX Turntable Special Edition Lelièvre

The two French brands La Boite concept and Lelièvre Paris have combined their know-how in order to design a limited series at the crossroads of their two worlds: exceptional textiles and high-fidelity audio. This exceptional series LX Platine Lelièvre is a high-fidelity speaker and turntable covered with Lelièvre exclusive fabric and aimed at lovers of decoration and beautiful materials in search of technological objects with a unique personality.

The tradition of excellence and know-how that has carried both companies since the beginning of their creation brings them together today around this creation at the crossroads of decoration and audio.

At Lelièvre Paris, since 1914, four generations have succeeded one another, passing on their passion for rare fabrics and a shimmering chromatic palette and have become in more than a century, one of the major actors of the interior decoration.

At La Boite concept, Timothée Cagniard has been carrying for 15 years the desire to manufacture demanding sound objects with excellent design and materials, combining the tradition of high-fidelity with the most innovative technologies.